Rehab Owners: Stop Worrying about Traffic and Focus on Conversions

There is always a huge emphasis with our clients on driving more traffic, they rarely stop to think how can I better convert the traffic I already have. Providing its relevant traffic it’s part of every strategy we put together, especially when you think of the value of a conversion and the potential lifetime of a client being high in 4 figures, it makes perfect sense. This article will explore content, your target audience and how best to convert people who are stressed and seeking immediate help for rehabilitation.

Most Leads & Admissions Happen within the First Minute

In many design scopes there is so little emphasis on conversion. Create long form pages of content, all SEO LSI and NLP but no understanding of people and where they are, what they want. The important information those people (your target audience) need should be clear and visible at the top of the page and on all pages, if those are the people you want to connect with. In healthcare marketing, you are often building relationships with worried, stressed and desperate people. It is not like selling a fridge freezer or a sofa.

How to Optimise your Site for More Leads & Admissions

It is very easy for a good marketer to pick holes in other people’s sites, and see where they would do it differently, often it’s just opinion, but if you have been working in the same vertical for a long time, you learn things about user behaviour. So many organisations are quick to choose a fancy design and aesthetically pleasing brand look but how do you optimise it all for user experience and to generate more leads and conversions?

Optimise Introductory Content

Your home page is most likely going to have the maximum entries in your marketing funnel as your brand grows if you are using an organic model of marketing. Followed by your rehab pages if you have considered your content strategy correctly. So for these pages you have optimise the top half of the page (above the fold) to get the right message for the target audience.

  • These are real human beings with a problem – be human
  • Show your expertise in solving the problem
  • Show your credibility (reviews / accreditation) to gain trust
  • Make it simple for anyone to know what to do next – contact form or phone
  • Give them the information they may want at this stage of the process

Those Paying for Treatment Tend to be the Loved Ones

Consider how much of your target audience is the person suffering vs the loved one of a person suffering, In our experience of audience profiling and working with multiple rehabs, looking at the conversions and the person paying, a large % is the mother. Consider what their pain points may be, and speak to that in your content and humanity. Don’t be robotic or overly technical giving explanations of what you think addiction is or isn’t, don’t talk about someone suffering as an addict or any other term they may find derogatory.

Keep the User Journey Simple, these are Highly Stressed Individuals

We can’t emphasise enough that everything should be straightforward. There was a book written many years ago long before the development of lead generation where it is currently at called: “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krugg and the principles in that book still stand today. If you use a service like Hotjar you can really get a feel for people’s struggle with your funnel by watching video sessions of their activity. 

Use Video to Explain the Process of Rehabilitation

Explainer videos and or whiteboard videos are often a good way to walk people who prefer to consume content visually through the process and create another option for a conversion. A good video will speak more than a thousand words – but make it short 90 seconds or less. 

Rehab is a Huge Investment, Show it Works!

We all know in the industry that there are no guarantees for rehab, there is a large % of responsibility on the person attending rehab to show up and take part in the process in order for it to be successful, but there are lots of people who’s life has changed unrecognisably for the better. 

  • Shows testimonials from real people – real parents also
  • Share stories of success on your blog link to them from your content
  • Images of real people, before and after are great showing the change. 

If They’re Living in Fear, They May Want to Contact You in Other ways

Use multiple call to actions, try out different ways of getting people to connect with you. Free callbacks, text message services, forms to fill out, questionnaires and contact pages with warmth and compassion.

Focus on the Solution, not the Problem

While it may seem like a good idea writing lots of content around “addiction”, the priority needs to be on driving traffic from those in desperate need for help (rehab, treatment, how to help X) etc.. How are you going to help those individuals and their loved ones? How is your rehab programme the solution?  Let people know don’t get lost in the technical explanations or concepts of change. 


If it’s all too much for you to strategise and you want some professional help, contact us at PD for a free review of your efforts and to get some deeper insights, and just a cool conversation about marketing, no strings attached. You can also learn more about our marketing strategy for rehabs here.

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