5 Reasons Your Healthcare Brand Isn’t Getting the Exposure It Needs

The healthcare sector is extremely competitive which makes it more important for your brand to stand out from the rest of the competition.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to marketing strategies, from design through to content planning and mobile experience, all of which can have a positive or negative impact on securing new business.

We explore the 5 reasons your healthcare brand isn’t getting the digital exposure that it needs and deserves.

1. Does Your Website Work for Your Audience and Your Services?

Websites that are optimised in the major search engines are not only professionally developed and aesthetically pleasing but it is also functional, easy to navigate, and offers quick response times. You need to determine whether the content and the imagery on your website reflects the target audience. This means that it provides answers to the concerns of your market. The images and the information presented should instil a sense of confidence in visitors. From the layout to the authenticity of content and images, these are important features that should become part of a quality marketing campaign.

Remember, people are naturally attracted to visual content. By combining the right balance of media and written content with a site that loads quickly and is easy to navigate, you are sure to appeal to targeted traffic.

Without these key elements, visitors are more likely to go to the competitor for the information they need.

2. Content Strategy

Every successful online marketing campaign needs a content strategy. This means careful planning based on brand consideration. The marketing methods and the direction for your campaign will depend on your goals. Perhaps you need to drive more traffic, or you are struggling to make conversions? Your content strategy is in large a part of whether you are going to achieve your objectives.

The next stage of the content strategy is to determine whether the website is optimised for user intent. Your content should be designed to offer a solution to a problem. Apart from the homepage of a website or the first image of a social media platform, you should consider additional pages of content around your services. These pages can include FAQs or tutorials presents in a video. It is all about combining information and education with a strategy and creativity.

3. Social Media

Failing to incorporate a strong social media presence as a healthcare service, will be detrimental to your brand. It is easily accessible, allows for real-time interaction, and should combine imagery with storytelling to instil trust in your brand. Most importantly, focusing on social media channels that fit your ideal demographic will ensure you don’t waste time.

Healthcare services can focus on before and after success stories, its services, and even its interiors. You can also share the real-life testimonials of clients to instil a sense of true confidence in your brand.

4. Local SEO

Given that conversion rates are much higher for local search queries, a local SEO strategy that drives local traffic will generate more interest than traditional SEO methods. It is a cost effective and a far reaching strategy that should not be neglected in a modern marketing campaign.

For many small healthcare businesses, focusing on expanding locally is one way to reach global markets and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

5. Mobile Experience

Did you know that almost 70% of web traffic is now mobile? As more people reach for their internet-enabled smartphones and tablets, it is important that your website is optimised for the mobile experience.
To determine successful mobile optimisation, look at whether the content on your website is easy to access and read by phone. If the website doesn’t load correctly or the content itself is poorly arranged and difficult to find, then users are inclined to visit a competitor. Today;’ online searches are about the mobile experience. Fast loading times, ease of navigation, and an attractive layout are important aspects of mobile compatible websites.

To drive traffic and to appeal to more people, you can use video rather than text. When demonstrating a procedure or a service, a video is a great way to introduce the topic and cover more in-depth details of the services provided.

A well optimised mobile experience will drive more conversions and will help with SEO.

Give us a call today if you have any questions or concerns about your current marketing efforts, our team of marketing professionals will be happy to walk you through the steps needed to improve your brand visibility.

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