User Experience (UX) Optimisation

UX is the philosophy, approach, and practice of creating digital products that enhance people’s lives. To maximize product success, UX design balances business goals, user needs, and technology capabilities.

Our UX services cover a wide range of digital services and we use data to continually learn and improve the user journey. From wireframing to design implementation, we perform detailed market research to understand your core customer demographic before work commences.

User Personas

Before considering the user experience and the different sales funnels, it’s vital to map out the different personas who will interact with your site.

Whether it’s the worried mother or the anxious teen, catering for the different audiences and their needs requires an understanding of design, content, language and buying cycles.

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Wireframes are sketches or diagrams of a website or app’s appearance and functionality. You can use them to plan how content will be presented and how visitors will navigate through your product, while still keeping designers flexible on the details. Wireframes help you define the structure and hierarchy of your product or service before going into design.

“Our data-driven approach to content strategy allows us to map out thousands of pages into content ideas and topics. We then produce optimised page plans that are tailored to your target audience and their search intent.”

Jason Shiers

Founder & CEO

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing or ‘split-run testing’, is a method used to compare two versions of a webpage and determine which performs better. We use Google Optimize to send small amounts of traffic to a variant page, to understand whether the new page performs better.

We measure engagement metrics, clicks & conversions to fine tune websites over time.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel transforms a “lead” into an actual paying customer. Sales funnels are designed to guide leads through a series of marketing activities towards a purchase decision. Each step in the sales funnel has a specific purpose directing visitors deeper into your value proposition.

From hospitals to chiropractors, we have a huge amount of experience managing sales funnels for the healthcare sector.

Mobile Experience

Mobile experience optimisation is a process that can be used to optimise mobile user-experience. It starts with user research and then, through different iterations of wireframing, implemented in code, visual design and content selection, the usability of a web site as the page changes from PC to mobile.

Optimising the mobile experience has many direct and indirect benefits, with the primary focus on increasing mobile conversions and improving search engine visibility.

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