Copywriting for Healthcare Companies

A fully functional and effective website design strategy is paramount to persuade, influence and engage your prospective clients. Prevention Digital has a clear understanding of what is required to secure your chances of making a lasting impression and will entice the visitors of your webpage. Armed with an informed team of copywriters, editors, designers and quality checkers, our method follows the grounding of rules of online marketing and unites them with the essence of our combined professional experience.

Page Plan Creation

Prevention Digital ensures that no vital steps in building your website are left out. We do this by following a far-reaching P.L.A.N.S. – an acronym which explains how we design and implement a web presence that helps our clients achieve their healthcare business goals.


What the P.L.A.N.S. Stands For

Want to know how our P.L.A.N assists your website? Here’s a rundown to show you the benefits of implementing our plans:

Preparation – Creating the basics for the upcoming optimisation of your website: fleshing out your ideal target audience, tone of voice, the messages, mottos, brand details and setting up goals.

Landscape – Choosing the best functionalities and features suited for your website that would make it appealing to visitors while installing a user-friendly journey.

Aesthetics – The way your site looks influences how your visitors perceive it. We take great consideration on the colour scheme and visual assets on your pages and will help you create a look that will put your competitors to shame.

Navigation – With full focus on the users and search engines, we factor which pages you require and how they should be organised. This ensures a happy and convenient visitor experience and higher search engine exposure.

Substance – We create the content your visitors want to read, optimise it so that they can easily find it when they search, and help your business become noticed online while staying fresh and current to relevant changes.

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Semantic Content Analysis

Semantic content analysis is a new form of content creation which precedes the actual writing. This first step allows us to observe and study the language used in your niche, emphasise the keywords and phrases you want to rank for, and create a working content plan for your website. Conducting a full examination of the framework of your website is part of our online marketing service.

The more precise the content is, the more your products and services can be associated with it.

How is this relevant to your SEO content?

  • Expanding the definition of text with applicable terms and ideas.
  • Identifying potential collaboration between partners for link building.
  • Removing keyword stuffing as a deciding factor for your website to tie into a search query.
  • The search algorithm incorporates the definition of the general content in its computation.

E-A-T Optimised Content

It is a well-known fact that just about anyone can create a website and publish anything they want. Essentially, E-A-T is one way Google attempts to ensure that it returns accurate, factual, and handy information to anyone who looks for information on their engine.

How does Google determine E-A-T?

As site visitors make major decisions depending on what they learn from search results, Google operates so that it ensures that these decisions are based on the most reliable information possible. Google takes the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of the individual creator of page content, the content itself, and the whole website into account.

In other words: a well-informed medical article written by a knowledgeable health practitioner on a health care website is a lot more valuable than a blog post providing unfounded medical advice.

White Papers and Technical Writing

If you want your site to rank well on search engines, you have to provide something valuable to the people that land there. Search engines determine the ranking on their results based on how helpful the content is to users.

If many people click on your link and stay to explore your site, this sends signals to Google that your website is a good resource which. Ultimately, this will improve your ranking.

How do we help you achieve E-A-T trustworthiness? By using white papers and technical writing.

What is a white paper?

White papers are professionally expanded pieces of technically written content that companies use to share their knowledge about their industry. They are often scientifically-founded or based on case-studies.

This can help websites build-up authority on a certain topic. Often times, white papers are presented as a PDF document with a unobstructive design and well-researched content.

For your healthcare business, a marketing tool such as this would be a good opportunity to showcase your expertise and to show potential clients how well you understand them and the problems they face.

Be careful though, white paper should not be used for promotional purposes. A white paper’s main purpose is to inform and educate readers.

Prevention Digital’s health experts can help your business come up with the ideal technical papers for creating a relationship of trust between you and your prospective customers.

White papers and SEO

Search engines are on the lookout for sites that represent valuable resources for searchers. As long as your white paper, or other technical document, is visible on your site, it should show up in the results for search engines, profiled as relevant and trustworthy.

We follow the best SEO practices when optimising your technical documents, in order to improve your SEO.

Content Writing for PR and Outreach Campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO and PR go together like milk and cereal. With a constantly evolving digital landscape, marketing and communication channels are working together more closely than ever before.

There are many ways to determine how well this can be implemented based on your business structure and the channels themselves. However, online and in-person channels can’t exist on their own – this is for certain.

A good brand strategy implements the equivalent practices in PR, outreach and online marketing so that the company is relevant to the ideal customers regardless of how, when and where they reach out for help.

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