At Prevention Digital, we turn clicks into customers. Our Pay-Per-Click services significantly increase your brand’s visibility to your target audience. We create and manage ad campaigns that align with your marketing goals, using eye-catching visuals and compelling ad copy.

Our approach is designed to enhance brand awareness and recall by directing targeted traffic to your site, and optimising your return on investment. We continuously analyse key performance indicators to refine our ad strategies, ensuring top-notch results. By distributing ads across multiple platforms, we guarantee a wider reach for your brand.

Here is How We Will Change Your PPC Strategy

Here’s a breakdown of our PPC services.

Campaign Setup & Management

We analyse which platforms will work best for your ads, often using a mix like Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. Our SEO experts conduct keyword research and create ad groups for relevant ad delivery.

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Copy & Visuals Creation

Ads need to grab attention with striking visuals and compelling copy. Our team, including skilled graphic designers and copywriters, crafts each ad element. We use different ad formats for various platforms and conduct A/B testing to link ad elements directly to performance.

“Our data-driven approach to content strategy allows us to map out thousands of pages into content ideas and topics. We then produce optimised page plans that are tailored to your target audience and their search intent.”

Jason Shiers

Founder & CEO

Landing Page Optimization

Alignment of the landing page with ad copy ensures continuity and consistent messaging. We align your landing page with your ad copy for a seamless experience. Our focus is on user-friendly design, clear calls-to-action, fast page loads, streamlined forms, and integrating social proof to build a credible landing page.

Audience Targeting & Remarketing

We segment your audience based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences. Timing ads for when your audience is most active maximises visibility. Remarketing targets those who’ve previously interacted with your brand, enhancing recall and potential conversions.

Ad Performance Analysis

Our team tracks KPIs like click-through rates, cost-per-click, and ad impressions. Our analysis includes keyword performance, ad positioning, quality scores, and ad frequency. We provide detailed performance reports and recommendations regularly.

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Ad Spend Optimization

We adjust bids based on performance data for better ROI. This involves increasing bids on high-performing keywords and reducing spend on less effective ones. We also review ad group, campaign, and placement strategies to optimise your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC costs consist of a management fee plus your ad budget. Over time we optimise your ad campaigns optimal clicks and leads. The cost of each click will depend on the keyword competitiveness. We charge a flat management fee of £750 per month.

Absolutely. Our team of PPC experts will continuously monitor and tweak your campaigns for optimal ROI. Additional traffic and revenue from PPC campaigns can easily be tracked and verified. In conjunction with PPC, we always recommend building your traffic organically with our SEO solutions.

To increase conversions, we recommend optimising your ads and landing pages around one or two keywords. User search intent is key here, and while it’s tempting to use keywords with the highest search volume, generic keywords may have more than one search intent.


Long tail keywords (keywords with 3 or more words) may have lower search volume, but they typically cost less per bid and are more relevant to the user’s search intent.

Yes, we manage Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns. This is covered within our social media management services.



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