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Prevention Digital are experts in all fields of marketing, and we tailor our services to the healthcare industry. We have been supporting major brands across this sector to build out their local and national campaigns in all areas of marketing, from technical SEO right through to advanced creative brainstorming of ideas for viral campaigns.

What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant can become part of your team, help you with new projects or have specific projects within your business. You may agree goals or relevant audits that are needed in advance and pay on a per project or time allowance. A marketing consultant will have expertise in various marketing modalities.

The Benefits of a Marketing Consultant

There are multiple benefits to bringing someone in from outside of your direct team or with a level of expertise you may need in certain areas of your business.

  • You can get a relatively objective view of your current campaigns and ways to improve them from someone who is not involved in team politics or hierarchy
  • You can get different perspectives from an expert in any specific area of your campaigns
  • You can bring new creative eyes and ideas to your business to come up with fresh ideas
  • You can get a set price for a specific project that doesn’t take up your team’s resources
  • We can work alongside your existing team to fill holes in any expertise
  • We can provide training to support your team long term.

Why Work with Us?

Hiring a consultant from a digital marketing agency can be daunting, sometimes with the worry that they will not know your industry, it also may be something you have to spend time educating them on. At Prevention Digital we have been working specifically with health care brands for over 10 years.

We are experts in understanding the medical do’s and don’ts of marketing, as well as all the related healthcare pitfalls that show up in different sectors.

We are qualified across all areas of marketing with a diploma from the IDM, as well as in communication with certifications in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. We are experts in communicating, and helping your brand communicate the message loud and clear to your audience, from a technical, compliance and user friendly point of view.

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Our Marketing Consultancy Services

Below you will find some of the areas we cover in marketing, if there is something you need that is not covered, please feel free to get in touch and have a conversation, we’re people friendly and always happy to meet new awesome businesses.

Marketing Strategy & Business Development

From a holistic approach on the back end to a whole digital business including patching leads through to marketing teams, managing a CRM and reporting at top level, right through to granular strategies on UX optimisation or web development platforms, all done with your marketing front of mind.

SEO Consultancy

We have created the most in depth SEO plans for healthcare businesses that cover every area of the UK, to individual bricks and mortar consultants and SME’s providing a bespoke service in a set location. We find creative ways to make your SEO work, as well as keeping the technical, content, and user experience in mind.

PPC Consultancy

PPC can be a quick win with any business, especially when using retargeting to bring people into your business. We research, create, audit, and continue to refine your PPC campaigns as we go along making them a profitable scalable measurable marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Consultancy

From setting up email automation through to fully branded email marketing campaigns we have a solution tailored to your needs. We love a complicated automation sequence that makes sure people get funnelled through to a conversion.

Branding & Design

We have worked on a long list of branding projects bringing the creative element to the brand, what the message is and how the relevant demographic may relate. We have some awesome designers who love bringing a project to life.

Content Marketing

Content has been much more than just words for us for many years now, we have a team of creative, and qualified writers to create content for the healthcare industry. Copywriting in the healthcare sector has to be thought out carefully and must hit the right tone to be affective. Furthermore, search engines prefer longer form content which covers the topic in broad detail.

Website Auditing

Whether your website is 5 pages or 5000 pages, we can audit your site for a range of things, from low conversions to technical SEO issues, Internal linking and content that may just mean it doesn’t rank. It’s not just running an audit tool, it’s knowing how to interpret the results, and take the right actions to resolve.

Data Analysis & Reporting

No digital marketing campaign can really be measured without data analytics and reporting, we love to create reports from granular user and conversion data right through to top level management and stakeholder reports with top and bottom line ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & Sales Funnels

Conversion rate optimisation is often overlooked but when you already have traffic, increasing the conversion rate by a % can yield better results than spending more on PPC or setting up whole new channels of marketing


How much do your consultancy services cost?
Our consultancy fees work on a sliding scale, for an hourly rate you may pay more than if you hire us for a day for example. Or we are open to look at individual projects on a per project basis, however these must be documented clearly from the start.
What should I expect from sessions?
To get a clear understanding of the subject matter, to set clear expectations and work towards those together, with clear open communication, we are building relationships long term with all clients, that is our goal.
Do you provide support after each session?
Yes, we’re always open to a quick call or email discussion if there are questions about a project we have worked on or something else related.

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