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As gyms re-open following the COVID-19 restrictions, it may be a good opportunity to reconsider your marketing strategy and wider branding. It’s not regular gym-goers or bodybuilders your branding should consider, but those reluctant to commit to gym memberships out of fear of failure or those with insecurities around their weight.

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Why Choose Prevention Digital

Our team has been working in this industry for years, so we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to digital marketing strategies. We also understand how different industries operate differently, which is why we offer personalised services tailored specifically towards your needs as a hospital owner or manager. We do this by managing all areas of your digital marketing needs including SEO, PPC, email marketing, web development, design & social media

Our Process


Understanding your target audience combined with keyword analysis will help to form the wider content strategy. Many of your memberships will be generated from local search queries.


We build bespoke, mobile-optimised websites that resonate with your target audiences. Imagery needs to reflect a wider audience and not alienate those who would benefit most from a gym membership.


When it comes to generating new gym memberships, a holistic marketing strategy that targets a local audience will yield the best results. Our team of professionals will manage the entire process for you.


From SEO and PPC through to social media and email marketing, we utilise all digital channels to increase your gym’s exposure from potential and existing memberships.


Just like getting fit or building muscle, marketing is a transformative process. Everything we create is built on years’ of data analysis and we test new ideas to increase engagements, leads and conversions.

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The Problem

It’s not regular gym goers or bodybuilders you need to be convincing, they already know what they want. Marketing for gyms should focus on those who are fearful of change or who may need help in getting started.

Branding & Imagery

Excessive imagery of ripped athletes will alienate those who need gyms the most, and reinforces unhealthy and unachievable goals.

Promotions & Offers

Sign up discounts may get memberships through the door, but it will not retain memberships long term. Providing something of real value will generate and retain memberships.

The Solution

Branding and imagery needs to reflect positivity and realistic expectations. Those starting out need to feel welcomed and comforted. ‘Healthy’ comes in all shapes and sizes and therefore branding needs to reflect a wider demographic.

As gyms re-open following the COVID-19 restrictions, many will still be hesitant to attend gyms due to existing ill health or age. Adapting to these changes will be key to building and retaining memberships from demographics who would benefit the most.

Marketing needs to be tailored to a local audience for optimal sign ups. We can manage the entire marketing landscape for your gym so that you can focus on running it. From SEO and paid ads through to video marketing and print, we’ll make sure your brand message is heard by the right audience, at the right time.

More Reasons to Choose Prevention Digital

Getting to a solution takes time and most importantly, expertise. We are a digital marketing agency with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. our team consists of the qualified psychotherapist, digital marketing practitioners, web developers, and designers who understand the difference between average and sensational.




We can help you turn the ‘problem’ into a ‘solution’ with just a few clicks

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