Creative Marketing

It may seem to many that marketing is just a simple scientific process of getting the right 1’s and 0’s in order, but as every vertical becomes more saturated, thinking beyond the idea of any box is what makes the difference between average and awesome brands. We bring a wealth of experience with a deep understanding of the nature of creativity to marketing campaigns.


What Is Creative Marketing?

When you are selling boring, or sensitive products, and your vertical is swamped with amazing content, creative campaigns, and great ideas how do you compete? Creative marketing is bringing the understanding of the source of creativity, and helping your team develop their natural flare. This may help bring a team closer together, create more cohesion, and also put the fun back into marketing, oh and create a huge revenue for your business.

The Benefits Of Creative Marketing

The list of benefits of creative marketing is quite extensive because it has a people and team element to it, which is the fundamental foundation of any successful marketing campaign.

  • Brings a different audience to your product / service
  • Helps get your brand in front of larger audiences
  • Sets you aside and ahead of the competition
  • Become a thought leader in your industry, instead of a follower
  • Opportunities for explosive growth / new connections B2B + B2C
  • Nurture and develop the creative streak within your team
  • Improve relationships between team members and management
  • Improve moral and working environment for the company
  • Make work exciting instead of monotonous
  • Feel a sense of achievement when things go well

Our Creative Marketing Services

At Prevention Digital we provide 2 parts to creative marketing, we can join your team and be part of the development of new campaigns, we also offer coaching to help understand the process of creative campaign development.

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Creative Marketing Campaigns

A creative marketing campaign is taking an end goal and working backwards, finding different ways possibly never thought of, bringing ideas to the table and then bringing them to life. It is about finding new and creative ways to bring you the correct audience for your product or service.

Creative Web Development

It is very easy for web developers to fall into doing the norm or the things they know already, but almost anything is possible and what we do is help people bring out their creative flair, and push your business to the forefront of technology.

Creative Marketing Design

With marketing designs, we find ways and means to stand out from the crowd, to create something aesthetically different with a considered user experience, that is going to catch attention and wow people without overcomplicating the developmental aspects of the design.

Creative Content

Content used to be all about words, but what we have learned is that while there is a science to creating entity rich, contextually relevant text, there is also a creative aspect to the ideas that flow from the brainstorming to the actual page layouts.

Viral Brand Messaging & PR

PR and viral campaigns can require taking some risks, but it’s often what is required to stand out amongst the crowd. Many healthcare markets are saturated with competitors these days, what will it take for you to stand out and become a thought leader in your industry?

“Our data-driven approach to content strategy allows us to map out thousands of pages into content ideas and topics. We then produce optimised page plans that are tailored to your target audience and their search intent.”

Jason Shiers

Founder & CEO

Clickbait Content Marketing

Many SEO experts have an aversion to clickbait titles, but often they can work well in certain types of campaigns. You need someone who can think and understand the psychology behind clicks, and help your campaigns get as many clicks as possible.

Storyboards & Infographics

Whether you are creating infographics to fit with a campaign or storyboards for video production, you have to have a creative influence to make these interesting to your potential audience, it’s so easy to just create something mediocre and it just sits out there in hyperspace.

Webinars & Courses

Webinars and courses are a great way to capture the attention of your audience, but when you sell light bulbs, who wants to watch a webinar or learn about light bulbs? You have to find ways and means of capturing their attention in different ways, this where you need a creative streak.

Guide & FAQ Videos

Creating videos that answer questions for your audience is a great way to capture their attention, but how do you create exciting videos, or videos that will capture their interest, you have to think beyond the obvious.



Podcasts can be a great way to show your position as a thought leader on your subject matter, with the right promotion, especially if you have a great presenter and way to share your message or talk about subjects related to your industry.

Why Work With Us?

If you havent worked this out yet, you probably need some creativity coaching, we like to bring a creative flare to all projects, as well as technical expertise, while combining coaching with technical know-how, makes for a great campaign.

With over 50 years of combined experience in digital marketing for the healthcare industry, you can trust Prevention Digital to support and deliver the creative campaigns your brand deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It sets you head and shoulders above your competition and allows you the opportunity to flourish in your desired vertical, marketing is saturated with normality, we help you stand out.

It is really an extension of your traditional marketing team/process. Just adding a new level of creativity to the process to get your minds thinking in different ways.

It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but often brainstorming, incubation, percolation time, understanding and knowing what feels right, a decision, then put it into action.

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