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Cosmetic surgery is a fast-growing industry. In the wake of social media, the need to “stand out” has become an important daily routine. This trend will likely accelerate over the coming years, as the digital age brings more social influencers and thus, competition.

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Why Choose Prevention Digital

That’s where Prevention Digital can help you stand out from your competitors with our holistic and bespoke digital solutions. We’ll help your brand tap into a growing market to drive exponential growth and revenue. With over 50 years’ of combined digital expertise within the healthcare sector, our creative approach has helped many healthcare specialists generate millions in additional revenue by managing all areas of the digital landscape including SEO, PPC, email marketing, web development, design & social media. You can learn more about our approach below.

Our Process


Understanding your target audience combined with detailed keyword analysis will drive the content strategy. From “breast implants” to “tummy tucks”, such keywords generate thousands of searches.


We build bespoke, mobile-friendly & speed optimised websites that are tailored to your audience and overall branding, helping them feel at ease around cosmetic procedures.


Once we understand the broad spectrum of keyword topics and an audit of your existing website and marketing approach is performed, a multi-channel marketing plan is produced.


Our process includes SEO, PPC, email Marketing, social media marketing and video marketing to ensure we capitalise on keyword visibility, brand exposure, expertise and client retention.


Marketing is a transformative process and we continually monitor and optimise all areas of our marketing approach for engagements, clicks, leads and conversions.

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The Problem

Many will sit on the fence when it comes to cosmetic surgery. There are two main reasons for this

Trust & Expertise

As a cosmetic surgeon, you need to establish yourself as an authoritative voice and this needs to be reflected in your branding. A trustworthy brand will generate higher conversion rates


Is cosmetic surgery safe? Can I trust a cosmetic surgeon to do a good job? Those looking for cosmetic surgery will find comfort in video tutorials from a trusted expert alongside genuine reviews.

The Solution

To be a leader in cosmetic surgery, you have to establish yourself in many medical journals. You have to regularly feature in the newspapers highlighting the importance of cosmetic safety measures. You should create video content to reassure your target audience about procedures.

Your website branding and imagery should focus on the solution to problems. Colours and fonts should be cheerful and help to reduce anxiety around procedures. Readers should have instant access to the necessary information around pricing, procedure lengths, safety guidelines, medical recommendations etc..

Your website needs to be a trusted source of information. You have to clearly define the different services you provide (the problem), and the reader needs to feel compelled towards the solution (before and after videos). With the right expertise from Prevention Digital, your website will be highly optimised to bring trust to the mind of your potential clients, and for traffic, leads & revenue.

More Reasons to Choose Prevention Digital

Getting to a solution takes time and most importantly, expertise. We are a digital marketing agency with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. our team consists of the qualified psychotherapist, digital marketing practitioners, web developers, and designers who understand the difference between average and sensational.




We can help you turn the ‘problem’ into a ‘solution’ with just a few clicks

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