Branding Design

Your brand identity is defined by the design elements you choose. At Prevention Digital, we meticulously choose colour palettes and incorporate engaging visual elements to create standout designs. Our approach is sleek and modern, ensuring your brand looks great both online and offline, maintaining a cohesive identity.

Set your brand apart by working with our team of expert graphic and UI/UX designers. Our process includes developing comprehensive brand guidelines to guarantee consistent branding across all mediums. From logos and packaging to collaterals and merchandise, Prevention Digital delivers designs that make your brand memorable and impactful.

This is How We Ensure Your Branding Catch The Right Audience

Here’s a breakdown of our branding design services:

Logo Design

We start by understanding your brand’s mission and vision. Our team explores various design concepts and then creates a logo with a colour palette and typography that reflects your input. You’ll receive a comprehensive logo package, including variations, usage guidelines, and colour codes.

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Stationery and Collateral Design

At Prevention Digital, we align your brand’s theme with carefully designed stationery, including business cards, envelopes, and letterheads, ensuring consistent brand visuals. Our services extend to creating informative and brand-reinforcing flyers, posters, and brochures, maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all printed materials.

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Jason Shiers

Founder & CEO

Brand Guidelines Development

We develop detailed brand guidelines to ensure consistent use of your brand visuals. This includes specifications for your logo, colour palette, typography, and layout guidelines for print, merchandise, and digital use. Note that there may be restrictions on third-party usage of these guidelines.

Packaging Design

Packaging that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing is vital for reinforcing your brand image. We make sure your packaging design complements your overall brand visuals, making your products instantly recognizable. We view packaging as an opportunity to add extra value to your product.

Digital Branding

In a digitised world, a cohesive brand visual across both print and digital platforms is crucial. We design websites and provide social media graphics, along with other digital marketing materials, to confirm your brand’s visual consistency across all mediums.

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Brand Merchandise Design

Brand promotional merchandise should also reflect your brand visuals. Our creative team designs digital accessories, apparel, bags, drinkware, and more, ensuring each item aligns with your brand’s personality and visual identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. Our team of PPC experts will continuously monitor and tweak your campaigns for optimal ROI. Additional traffic and revenue from PPC campaigns can easily be tracked and verified. In conjunction with PPC, we always recommend building your traffic organically with our SEO solutions.

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