Branding & Design

Your brand is the first - and most important - product you will ever own. Your brand is the perception of value that your product offers to your ideal customer. It needs to be right. Branding and design helps tell that story in a way that builds a connection with your customers and will ultimately lead to growth of sales opportunities. At Prevention Digital, we create brand assets for both online and offline media.

Prevention Digital will redesign your brand from the ground up. From email signature designs to brochures and web design, our team of professionals have many years of experience designing for the healthcare industry.


Website Design

Getting your business website up and running is critical to marketing your business, but how do you get it right when there are so many choices and considerations? With a growing mobile audience, websites need to be perfectly aligned for the mobile experience.

Contact our team of designers and developers to help you make the right decisions and start your project on the right foot. You’ll have a clear roadmap of where to go and what to do next.

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Mobile App Design

Looking for a mobile app design that is scoped out to your business requirements? Perhaps you have an existing mobile app that needs a design refresh?

Leave your design worries to us – our mobile app designers will build an eye-catching interface tailored to your brand guidelines and target audience.

Logo Design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your image. It should work hard for you, projecting the right kind of image to your target market, establishing trust, credibility and professionalism before they have even met you. We help turn your dream business into a reality by creating a perfect expression of your core values and personality through a new brand identity.

Ad Design

If you want to drive more clicks and conversions from your digital ads, Prevention Digital have the ideal solution for your business. We create unique, tailored ad designs and landing pages to instill confidence in your brand and win over potential customers.

We create ads for different media outlets including Google and Facebook, as well as offline print.


Infographic design can be simply defined as the art and science of visual information. This includes everything from maps to complex data tables, from frontdoors to posters, and many more kinds of charts or graphs. Our experts create powerful yet inclusive infographics design that will help you convey your message quickly and effectively.

Infographics are a great way to keep readers engaged and drive interest for PR related campaigns.

Brochure Design

It’s not enough for your design to look good, it needs to be effective too. And that’s especially true if your brochure is aimed at a specific target market

Our design team will take your story and translate it into an enthralling and effective print brochure. We’ll make sure it stands out from the crowd, grabbing attention and making potential customers curious.

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